Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In the glass and glazing business, there are a few questions that we get asked all of the time.

Hopefully, we will be able to answer these common problems here on the site. This way you will get a bit of a better idea and know exactly what’s wrong, and then how it can be dealt with.

Total window replacement is not always necessary, most of the time we will be able to repair a window. Most of the time it just a simple repair of a hinge or lock, or even just the window putty may be replacing. If the misty glazing“>glazing has become misty where condensation has entered the individual glazed unit, we can replace the affected pane and leave the rest alone.

We will always offer, you the customer, answers and advice so that you can make an informed choice on how to proceed with the replacement or repair.

If you need us, we are only a phone call away on 07872 147 269.

Why won't my uPVC window close

The most common reason for a uPVC window not to close is that there is damage to the hinges or lock. It could be the case of the sash has dropped and just needs replacing.
All of the above are repairable and should take no longer than one hour to fix by a competent window engineer.

Why do my windows get condensation on the inside?

Condensation on the inside of a window is caused by excessive moisture in the house. This occurs mainly in the winter when the warm air inside the house condenses on the cold windows. Double glazing can reduce this problem.

Why does my double glazing have condensation in between the panes?

Misty Window Double Glazing, Loughton, Essex

Condensation between window panes occurs when the seal between the panes is broken. This is caused by either the glass breaking/cracking or the life span of the seal expiring. Double glazed units have a life span of approximately 10 Years

Do my windows need to be made of toughened glass?

Any door side panels or any type of window within 300mm of any door must be safety glazed i.e. laminated or toughened. Windows that are within 800mm from the finished floor level must be glazed with safety glass. Any glass balustrade or canopy should also use safety glass.

How long will new uPVC windows last for?

Your new uPVC windows may be guaranteed for 10 years but they usually have a far longer life expectancy. With the correct and professional installation of high-quality uPVC windows and with good maintenance they can easily last up to 20 years.

How long does it take to replace a double glazed unit?

Double Glazing Replacement, Loughton, Essex

Depending on the glazing system and size of the pane, a standard uPVC or aluminium window would take around 20-40 minutes to replace correctly. A timber-framed window may take twice as long to replace.

Is a window survey free or do I need to pay anything?

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LN Glazing provides a free glazing/window survey. However, it is quite possible that you could pay up to £50.00 from some companies.

Why are my windows so draughty

Broken Hinges
The most common reason for draughts coming through your windows are broken window hinges.

Hinges can become stiff and rusty if they are not kept clean and lubricated eventually causing them to break and forcing the window out of alignment. This will prevent the opening part of the window known as the sash from closing correct against the rubber gaskets (window seal) allowing air to travel through the gap between the gasket and the sash.

There are a number of ways to test whether your hinges are working in the correct way.
By simply opening the window and taking a look at the window hinges just to see if you can notice any kinks or bends in the hinges.
The push test by opening and then closing the window, gently push your hand against the top corner (hinge side) of the opening part of the window and then repeat this to the bottom corner. if the window has any movement then this is a sign of damaged hinges.
The flame test (please take extra care if you choose to do this) simply by holding the flame of a lighter close to the window seal. If the flame moves or goes out then this is another sign of hinge damage.

The Solution
You can buy a pair of friction hinges from most window-shops they should not cost you any more than £25.00 and replace them yourself. As a top tip always remove the glass from the opening window before removing any screws from the hinges and ask a friend to lend a hand. We would always recommend calling a professional. LN Glazing offers a hinge replacement service starting from £80.00+vat per pair. We always fit plastic hinge protectors as standard give you new hinges a longer life span.

Rubber Gasket
Another reason for your windows may be letting in a draft is that the rubber gasket on the window frame has gone flat or cracked.
What is the gasket?
you may be thinking the gasket lines the window frame itself, with one gasket on the sash of the window and another on the outer frame so the open sash window and the out frame need to be push firmly against the gasket to prevent any drafts.

The Solution
This is not a big issue and can be solved quite simply just by replacing the rubber gaskets on the window frame and the opening sash window this is a service that we at LN Glazing provide from Just £40.00 per window

Do I need someone to come to my property to quote for a repair?

Not usually. 95% of the time a quote can be made over the phone.
If you can provide us with 5 simple pieces of information…

  1. An approximate size of the window
  2. If the window is single or double glazed
  3. What material the window frame is mate made from i.e. wood, metal or plastic
  4. Which floor level the window is on
  5. Is the window accessible from both side

If a picture can be supplied that is a great help, but not always necessary

Just get in touch and we can help.