We received a phone call from a gentleman in Buckhurst Hill on Friday morning letting us know that he had a broken single glazed Crittall window.

He had done a good job in securing the pane by using gaffer tape along the cracks. Single glazed panes of glass can easily get worse if left. A strong gust of wind, a simple knock on the window and the pieces can fall out leaving a much worse situation which must be attended to immediately. Jagged pieces are liable to become free from the window and the remaining pieces in situ can be a dangerous hazard.

Knowing that the situation needed to be fixed sooner rather than later, and within 4 hours of his phone call, we were able to attend the property and assess the situation.

A good thing about regular single glazed windows is that they do not need a measuring up appointment. We can generally arrive at the owner’s property and with one visit, we are able to measure the damaged pane and cut a piece of glass to the exact size needed, then and there. Larger or specialised panes of glass would need to be ordered, but we have a supply of normal single glazing in a number of thicknesses ready for just this situation.

Crittall Window Replacement

We removed the old glazing putty and the broken pane and disposed of these accordingly. After measuring the window, we cut a new pane and then replaced the window glass, securing it in place with new glazing putty.

Glazing Putty

Glazing putty can take months to fully dry/cure. But it only takes a couple of weeks for it to be painted over. We informed the client not to repaint over the putty for at least two weeks.

Once painted, the window will look as good as the day it was first installed.

The End


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