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Velux Windows

We also cover all other possible Velux window repairs including:

  • Replacing the double glazed glass whether it be broken or misted
  • Renew all flashing
  • Repair and replace all handles
  • Repair and replace all locks

We also offer an upgrade service to improve thermal insulation and glass safety.

If you are looking to upgrade your Velux window glazing then the Velux IGR conversion kit allows you to replace your old glazing (anything made before 2001) that doesn’t pass the current level of insulation that the newer Velux window has. Velux have upgraded the thickness of their double glazing from 16mm to 24mm and this, in turn, gives better insulation.

Many people are put off with the idea of upgrading to new windows as it can be rather expensive but with the IGR conversion kit and a new thermal 24mm double glazing unit would cut the cost of changing the entire frame by at least half, saving you hundreds of pounds plus keeping the heating bills down.

Upgrading to a safety laminated double glazing in your Velux for me is the most important thing.

Velux windows installation

Velux windows are getting more and more popular with the rise in dormer and loft extensions.

At Ln Glazing we install a large range of new Velux windows and we also carry out Velux window repairs and provide a glass upgrade service. We often carry out Velux glass replacements to damaged windows.

With a Velux window, they are so well built that they can last a lifetime if they are correctly serviced and maintained. When we get a call out to repair a Velux window, 90% of the time it is just a Velux glass replacement, usually, due to the glass having condensation between the two panes, this is where the window has outlived the glass unit.

Change the inner pane of your Velux from standard glass or toughened glass to laminated glass.

It is the safest option you can have for glazing above your head i.e. extensions, lofts or windows on staircases above your head, if an object were to fall on to the window causing it to break the laminated pane would just crack and hold in position just like a car windscreen, this is due to the 0.4mm interlay that holds the two 3mm pieces of glass together that forms a laminated glass. This is the safest option while you are waiting for your Velux glass replacement you can have peace of mind knowing that no broken glass will fall out.

If you were to have toughened/tempered glass as the inner pane this would also stand as safety glass as it is 5 times stronger than standard glass or laminated glass of the same thickness. if the toughened glass was to break it would shatter into tiny pieces that would fall inwards rather than large dangerous shards of glass.

If you were not to upgrade to new safety glass and still have standard glass in your Velux, if the glass was to break or smash, then it is likely that shards and splinters of glass would come falling inwards. We would not carry any Velux glass replacement using this method we would only use safety glass.

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