We were recently called by a client who described the problem he had as “Mist inside one of my double glazing windows”. We knew straight away what the issue was and also knew we could help.

One single blown double glazed pane in 20+ years

The client mentioned that he had had this problem with only a single pane of his double glazing which he said was fitted over 20 years ago. He had lived with the problem for over 5 years but had decided that as the new year was upon us, it was about time to get things sorted. A new years resolution.

We spoke with the client on the phone and agreed to go to their property to see the window. We would assess the situation and measure the pane for replacement.

Repair to double glazing is usually more expensive than replacement, but we offer both services and will always advise each client as necessary.

The on-site inspection only took a few minutes but was needed to measure the actual pane of glass and not the size of the window you can see. This is because the double glazing pane is slightly bigger than the aperture that you look through. We also noted the thickness of the glass and the thickness of the gap between each of the panes so that the new pane looked the same as all of the other ones.

Making the Replacement

With the accurate measurements taken we set about making the new double glazed unit ready for installation. The process of making a single fairly small window only takes a few days. As soon as the unit was ready we called the client to arrange a fitting date at their convenience.

The Replacement

We arrived at the client’s address a few days later. There were parking restrictions at the property, so we agreed to avoid the restricted hours for the appointment. After removing the window surround, we removed the old window. We cleaned the outside of the new unit. We then inserted the new unit which fit perfectly. The surrounding plastic parts were then replaced and the inside of the window was cleaned.

As you can see from the pictures, the difference between the old and the new units is marked. The new unit is also cleaner than the other older units, so the client remarked “I better clean my windows”.

The End

We disposed of the old unit and the stickers that were stuck on the new unit, leaving the clients property as we found it with no mess or disturbance.