We received a call from a gentleman living in hackney East London. His children had been playing with a ball in the house and manage to smash one of his windows.

The house had a Georgian timber bay window to the rear of their lounge, which was located on the first floor. This was the location of the single glazed window that needed repairing.

We informed him that the most timber sash windows are glazed from the outside, which we would need to access. We would need to bring a ladder through his house to gain access to the window at the rear, because he didn’t have a side or rear entrance. He was concerned that a big ladder would not fit through his house as there were a few tight turns. We then assured him the all our van carry specialist small ladders that would easily fit through his house. These then extend to reach the smashed single glazed window on the 1st floor.

Based on the information provided by the client, we quoted for the work to be done. The gentleman accepted the price we gave him and we agreed on a date to come and complete the work.

We were available the same day, so we had two of our glaziers attend his home straight away. They carried out the repair to the customer’s satisfaction. Once finished. he said that he was very pleased with the service and in the end, how simple the job was.